100 Meters Sprint - Track & Field

The 100 meters sprint is the king discipline of the olympic games. 100 meter runners are much bigger then other track and field athletes and the winner of this discipline can call himself the fastest man in the world. The 100 meters sprint world record is held by Asafa Powel from Jamaics (9,77 seconds)

Description: 100 Meters Sprint - Track & Field

  • The 100 meters sprint is ran on the toes.
  • Steps are short and aggressive.
  • The upper body strength is ofthen underestimated. The upper body and especially the arms have o compensate what the legs do.
  • Watch te 100 meters sprint biomechanics videos...
  • A false start is when the time difference between the shot and the first kick against the starting blocks is less then 0,1 seconds. This time difference is meassured elecronically with sensors built in the starting blocks and the gun.

Trainer advice: 100 Meters Sprint - Track & Field

  • Do Plyometric exercises.
  • Work with weights at least twice a week. You need a lot of fast twitch muscle fiber to be a good 100 meters sprinter.
  • Rest is very important for the progress.
  • 100 meters sprinters are usually also good long jumpers.