Thera-Band Side Lateral Raise

Thera-Band Side Lateral Raise

In this lesson you will learn how to do side lateral raises with a thera-band. The side lateral raise is an exercise for the outer shoulder muscles and can also be done with dumbbells or in a side lateral raise machine. The advantages of thera-bands are that your can carry them with you easily and that the resistance increases the higher you raise your hands. Find more thera-band exercises at track & field main. For exercises with weights, go to weight training main.

Description: Thera-Band Side Lateral Raise

  • Stand with your feet on the middle of your band and make sure each side has the same length. (feet at shoulder width) Keep your upper body upright and look straight forward during the entire exercise. I recommend you do the side lateral raise in front of a mirror. Doing the side lateral raise with a thera-band that has handles is usually more comfortable. However, you can also use band without grips. Grasp the handles with your palms pointing to your thighs and slightly bend your arms. The elbows remain motionless during the entire exercise.
  • Raise your arms sideways and exhale at the same time. Don't arch back and don't elevate your shoulders. Keep your core area tight. Stop at shoulder or head height. Don't lift your arms overhead. Stop if your shoulders hurt.
  • Then go back to the beginning position and inhale slowly through your nose. The down motion should be slightly slower than the up motion.

Trainer advice: Thera-Band Side Lateral Raise

  • Warm up before you get started.
  • Stretch between sets and exercises.
  • I recommend 3 sets of 10 to 20 repetitions.
  • To make the side lateral raise more difficult, use a different color band, make your stance wider or put 2 thera-bands together.

Videos: Thera-Band Side Lateral Raise

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