Judo in Vientiane Laos

When we went to Laos for Muay Lao, we ran over the Lao-Japan Budo Center in Vientiane. Of course we took our time and had a closer look. We were very surprised to see such a high level of judo and a very modern training hall. They are about 100 meters west of the National Stadium, in the heart of Vientiane. If you stay at the touristy places, it will take you 10 minutes to walk there. When I first saw the building, I actually thought it was a church or some kind of government institution, but when we saw all these people in their white uniforms, it was clear, judo, karate, teakwondo. So we walked in and stayed for about an hour. Since their judo was so good, I could not resist and asked them if they were interested in taping some videos for flashmavi.com. Of course they liked the idea and we taped about 60 judo techniques 3 days later.

Who trains there

  • Mostly Laotian and Japanese judokas. Most of the older judokas compete at international level. Laotian judokas are famous for their katas. Their katas are one of the best in the world. Therefore, their technique is very clean. I recommend this place to everybody who has practiced judo before. If you are new to judo and don't just stay in Vientiane for 2 days, check them out. I think adult beginners can practice there too, but I'm not sure about classes and requirements.

The Training Hall

  • It's VERY nice. Everything is new and extremely clean. Just look at the pictures at the bottom of this page.

How much does it cost

  • I have no idea, but it can't be a lot. As I said, it's not a touristy place. I'm not even sure if the have prices for tourists. But they are very friendly and I know that sometimes foreigners practice with them. When I went there, there was a Japanese guy working out with them for 2 weeks. There was also an American with his Laotian wife, and their 3 kids practice there every day.

Accommodation and Food

  • Since they are not a judo tourist attraction, they don't offer accommodation and food. However, this is how much life in Vientiane costs. You will spend at least 8 usd per day on food and you can stay in a dorm for 5 usd per day. We stayed in a hotel room with fan, cable TV and fridge for 22 usd / day, but there are also hotels for 100 usd. If you plan to stay longer than 1 month, I recommend you rent an apartment and pay per month.

How to find them

  • Go to the National Stadium and then walk 100 meters west on Khun Bu Lorn Road. The Lao-Japan Budo Center is on the left side if you come from the National Stadium.


  • At the Lao-Japan Budo Center they also have classes for Tae Kwon Do, Karate and Aikido. If you are interested in Muay Lao, check out Sikhot Boxing Gym.


Judo Training in VientianeThe Training Hall (Vientiane)

Judo Training Center LaosEntrance to the Lao-Japan Budo Center

Lao-Japan Budo Center VientianeThe Lao-Japan Budo Center - Vientiane

Judo Kata VientianeJudo Kata Training at the Lao-Japan Budo Center Vientiane