Suphan Muay Thai Boran Bangkok

If you go to Thailand, it's easy to find a muay thai gym, but finding a muay boran teacher is a lot harder. Most schools/gyms in Thailand only teach stadium style muay thai. We spent a couple of month in Thailand and on the last day of our first trip, we heard about Suphan Chabairam who works for the Muay Thai Boran Conservation Center of Thailand . We were actually looking for a good muay boran teacher for months. If you are into muay thai and especially muay thai coaching, you should understand where all the movements come from.

Why Suphan Chabairam

  • First of all, he was happy to tape videos for and he was very interested in what we are doing. He is interested in every student and has a lot of teaching experience. Suphan Chabairam is not in for the money like some MMA gyms in Phuket. He loves his sport and sees every student as an opportunity to preserve muay boran and export thai boxing. He actually teaches muay boran to muay thai teachers from all over the world. So if you are learning muay boran anywhere else in Thailand, you are probably learning from one of his students anyway. Suphan Chabairam is the number one Muay Boran Character in Thailand and I guess that's why he works for a government institution, the Muay Thai Boran Conservation Center of Thailand.
  • Suphan Chabairam understands some English but he only teaches in Thai only. He will teach you the names of the techniques and everything you need for muay thai, muay boran training. He also has some advanced students who speak fluent English and might be able to help.


  • Get in shape before you travel to Thailand to train with Suphan Chabairam.
  • Check out the muay boran videos i taped with him.

How to find him

  • Go to the National Stadium at Rama 1 Road in Bangkok 10330. Find Gate 17 and ask for Suphan Chabairam. I will publish a map later on.