Muay Lao in Vientiane - Kwanjai Sikhot Boxing Gym

This is our Muay Lao contact in Vientiane. We went to Laos twice, but on our first trip, we weren't able to find a Muay Lao Gym. On our second trip, we found a flyer at the Sok Sai Boxing Stadium. So we took a Tuk Tuk and went straight to the gym. Kwanjai Sikhot is a very small gym, but they have some top muy lao fighters in different weight classes . They work out twice a day (6am and 15:30) and their coach is very technical. The gym is a very friendly family business and foreigners are welcome to train there.

Why I recommend this Gym

  • First of all, because they are very technical, extremely friendly and they are not in the business for big money. Even though their gym is very small, they have some really good fighters, I have some of their videos on my youtube channel (scroll down to the bottom of the page)
  • No matter if you are a beginner or if you have practiced for years, everybody can practice. You can also train with them if you only want get in shape.
  • They taped some Muay Lao video instructions for


  • The owner understands a little English, but his speaking is not that good. His son knows "some" English, and the owner has some friends and students who speak good English. However, they are not always in the gym. If they see you can't talk to them, they will probably call their English speaking friends to help you out on the phone. For the training, you don't need much English. You will learn some Lao while training with them, but if you are worried about communication, you can also bring your own translator.

Accommodation and Food

  • They don't offer accommodation, but if you are looking for something cheap near the gym, I'm sure they can help you find/organize something.

How to find them

  • The gym is located at Ban Sikhot, 2 km west of the Vientiane Airport.
  • If you want to go there on you own, print this paper and borrow a bicycle or a scooter. Then ride down Luangprangan Road and pass the airport. 2km after the airport, the road goes to the right and there is a big, old street market. Stop at the market and ask everybody for "Muay Lao". They will definitely get you if you say Muay Lao and put your fists up. Most people there will know. The gym is on a mud road behind the market.
  • You can also print the address and take a tuk tuk or ask your hotel to call them and make an appointment.


  • Get used to running.
  • Of course muay thai, muay lao experience is a plus, but they have experience teaching foreigners and you can also go there is you are completely new to Muay Lao or just want to get in shape.
  • Don't expect a huge gym with a hundred fighters. Sikhot Muay Lao Boxing Gym is a small family business. The gym is actually behind the owners house. Most boxing gyms in Laos and Thailand are very small. They are very technical and don't try to make big money from foreigners like some of the "U.S. owned" MMA, Brazilian Jujitsu, Muay Thai gyms in Phuket.
  • A final world: If you are interested in practicing muay lao with them, I recommend you stay near the Vientiane City Center or slightly west of the center and rent a moped to visit their gym every day.


Muay Lao Training in Vientiane
This is what the gym looks like.

Muay Lao Training in Vientiane
Another picture of the Sikhot Muay Lao gym in Vientiane.

Muay Lao Training in Vientiane
The training area from the other side .

Muay Lao Training in Vientiane
Mud road to Sikhot Muay Lao Boxing Gym.

Muay Lao Training in Vientiane
Same road after heavy rain.

Muay Lao Training in Vientiane
A place a few meters from the gym. Just took this picture because everything was so green.

Muay Lao Training in Vientiane
Another green spot next to the gym.

Muay Lao Training in Vientiane
Print this if you want to go there with a Tuk Tuk. Once you are close to the gym, everybody will know when you put your fists in front of your head and say "Muay Lao" :)