How often will I train wushu?

Students at the Song Jiang wushu school usually work out 5 hour per day, 7 days / week. Depending on the time of the year, they will either work out 2 or 3 times a day, but the total time students train every day is always 5 hours. (1 hour = 1 school lesson = 45 to 50 min) The first training is in the morning before breakfast and starts anywhere between 5:30 and 6:30. Usually 1 hour of running, stretching and plyometric exercises. Then you have breakfast and after that the Chinese have to attend general knowledge classes until 10 o'clock. The next wushu training session is from 10 to 11:50. After you second training you get a break for lunch and then those who attend general knowledge classes have to go to class again. Next training is around 4pm. Dinner is at 18:00 and at night Chinese students have to go to class again.

Spare time:

  • The above routine keeps going 7 days a week. The only break is between saturday night and sunday morning. Saturday night the Chinese students have one lesson less.
    (instead they watch a movie - open air) and sunday morning there is no morning training. So you can sleep one hour longer.
  • There aren't really weekends, but at the end of the month students get 4 to 7 days free, so that the can go home to see their families. Almost 90 percent of the students take advantage of this break, but a small part stays in the school and keep training regularly.
  • When it rains or the weather is very bad, there is no training outside. Fortunately it doesn't rain very often. If you only come to Song Jiang for a few weeks, make sure you can work out in a training hall if the weather is bad.

Timetable changes :

  • During the hot months the school sometimes tries to avoid training between 10:00 and 12:00. If that happens you might be training 2 hours before breakfast and 3 hours in the afternoon. They also change the exact time when lessons start and end from time to time. So don't be surprised if your entire routine becomes different over night.