2-Day HIT Split - Bodybuilding Routine

This 2-day split is my personal HIT routine, but I don't follow this routine all the time. I work out tuesdays and fridays and each workout is between 45 and 60 minutes. Day one is an upper body workout and on the second day I train my leg muscles and my abs. Find more HIT training methods and exercises at weight training and bodybuilding main.


  • Warm up at least 10 minutes before the first set of your training session. This warm up could be a mix of different exercises or a few sets of a specific exercise with moderate weight.
  • Keep in mind that when you follow a HIT Bodybuilding Routine, you should only reach momentary muscle failure once per exercise.
  • What I like about this routine is that it doesn't interfere with my wushu and gymnastics training.