Barbell Calf Raise - Standing on a Wall

Barbell Calf Raise - Standing on a Wall

In this lesson you will learn how to do train your calf muscles with barbell calf raises standing on a wall. This exercises can also be done free, without leaning against a wall or in a hack squat machine. The standing barbell calf raise is one of my favorite exercises for the calf muscles and emphasizes on the gastrocnemius. Find exercises for the calf muscles at weight training main.


  • Lift the barbell from the rack and step with the balls of your feet on something elevated. I usually do the barbell calf raise on two 10 kg plates or on flat ground. If you want to do the barbell calf raise leaning against a wall, you should position your plates first. For an instruction on where to place the barbell on your shoulders, visit the barbell squat instruction. BTW, if you want to lean against a wall without scratching your elbows, you should load at lease two 20 kg plates.
  • Start with your calf muscles stretched and your heels on the floor. Keep your abs tight, your upper body straight and your knees extended. The distance from your feet to the wall should be slightly more than the radius of the plates you have on your barbell. This way you can lean back a little. When you extend your ankles, the plates roll up on the wall. Distance between feet: One shoulder width or less.
  • Raise your heels until your calf muscles are fully contracted, and exhale while the plates roll up on the wall. Hold the highest position for 1 to 2 seconds.
  • Then lower your heels again and go back to the beginning position. At the lowest point of the movement the calf muscles should be slightly stretched again. However, make sure the weight doesn't rest in your joints.


  • The down-motion should be slightly slower than the up-motion.
  • This calf exercise is not designed for heavy weights. Choose the right weight, so that you can do at least 20 barbell calf raises. I usually to 40 to 50 repetitions with 60kg.
  • Stretch your calves between sets and exercises.
  • You can also do the barbell calf raise on the floor and without leaning against a wall.