Triceps Bench Press with Close Grip

Triceps Bench Press with Close Grip

When you benchpress with a close grip and let your elbows slide down close to your waist, you work out your triceps. Close grip triceps benchpressing is similar to the triceps pushup. More triceps exercises can be found at weight training main.

Description: Triceps Bench Press

  • Lie down onto a flat bench and hold a barbell over your chest. Grab the bar with less than shoulder width, with all fingers on the bottom-side of the bar. (including the thumbs)
  • Let the weight sink down to the bottom of your chest and inhale. The arms have to stay parallel and the elbows should slide down very close to your waist.
  • Lift the bar back up until your elbows are almost extended and exhale. Make sure you don't lift the weight up too far. The triceps have to stay under contraction the whole time.

Trainer advice: Triceps Bench Press

  • Move slowly and concetrated.
  • If you don't have a bench and a barbell nearby, you can do triceps pushups instead of close grip triceps benchpressing.

Videos: Triceps Bench Press

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