Wing Chun Fuk Sao

Wing Chun Fuk Sao

The Fuk Sao is a wing chun technique to defend the centerline. When you do a Fuk Sao, you push away your opponents attack, so that you can attack his center line . Find more wing chun techniques at wing chun main.

Description: Wing Chun Fuk Sao

  • Opponent attacks your center line.
  • When he attacks with his right hand, you defend with your left hand and the other way around.
  • Your hand comes from the outside (so that he thinks he will hit your center line)
    You put your wrist onto his wrist or on his lower forearm.
  • Go with your fingers over his forearm (to the right side), towards his center line and push down his arm at the same time. (Hand moves like a snake)
  • The you move your hand further towards his body and push his arm away.
  • This is the end of the FUK SAO TECHNIQUE, and here you can start any other wing chun technique, for axample a linera wing chun punch or a push.

Trainer advice: Wing Chun Fuk Sao

  • Practice the Fuk Sao alone and with a training partner.

Videos: Wing Chun Fuk Sao

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