Sliding Tan Sao - Wing Chun

Sliding Tan Sao - Wing Chun

In this lesson you will learn how to do a sliding tan sao. Tan sao in chinese mandarin: "tan shou", in english: "dispersing hand" The sliding tan sao is a linear wing chun defense technique used to stop round high attacks. There are 4 different tan sao variations. In this lesson only the sliding tan sao is explained (most basic). For example: Stop the attack by sliding your forearm over your opponents wrist . (a striaight slide will always be faster than a wide-round-heavy punch) The tan sao is a very short move and if your hands are in a guard position in front of your chest, it becomes even shorter. Find more wing chun instructions at wing chun main.

Description: Sliding Tan Sao - Wing Chun

  • Start with your hands next to your chest. The forearms and the palms form a horizontal line. The arms are parallel, the fingers point straight forward. (back hands point down) Keep your fingers together and firm, but not cramped. Look straight forward and keep your upper body upright. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and bend your knees slightly. The toes point slightly in.
  • Lower and extend your arm a bit, so that the upper arm is vertical and the forearm points slightly up. Keep in mind that the tan sao is a linear movement, so don't let the forearm hang. When the upper arm is vertical, the hand should be slightly over elbow height. The arm has to move in a vertical layer and therefore has stay very close to the trunk. Don't turn your upper body, don't move your legs. The shoulders have to stay on the same spot. Only the arm moves.
  • Slide the hand up to chin height in front of you. (without twisting the hand) The hand should travel towards your opponents center line. When you stop, your elbow should be extended approximately 135 degrees, while the forearm and the open hand are still in one line. At the end of the tan sao motion, the shoulders should still be at the same spot as at the beginning. So don't turn your upper body.

Trainer advice: Sliding Tan Sao - Wing Chun

  • Practice the tan sao in front of a mirror. This technique seems very simple, buta lot of coordination is necessary for a smooth and fast tan sao. Beginners tend to turn the upper body and often execute the tan sao too stiff.

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