Wushu Smash Punch

Wushu Smash Punch

The smash punch (in Chinese: Za Quan) is a typical modern wushu longfist technique which is often performed after slapkicks. The smash punch is often the element that initiates a speed change. Find more wushu longfist instructions at longfist main.


  • Stand upright with your feet together, your knees extended and your fists at your hips. Look straight forward.
  • Extend your left arm to your left so that the arm is totally extended & horizontal and the fingers point up. At the same time, turn your head 90 degrees to your left.
  • Let your left arm fall down and swing it backwards up while you step on your left leg, lift your right knee in front of you and push your right fist straight up. (for more details, check the animation above) The left arm stops when the hand is slightly behind hip level. (palm points down) The right arm is vertical and totally extended. Thumb points back.
  • Twist your left palm 180 degrees so that the palm points up and let the backside of the right fist fall into the left palm. The hands should smash into each other a little bit in front of the knee. Synchronously you have to stamp down with one or both feet. (stamp with the flat foot sole)
  • At the end your thighs should be horizontal. (if you cannot keep your thighs horizontal without lifting your heels, your calves are not flexible enough)


  • Keep your view horizontal the whole time.
  • Smash punches are very fast and "FLASHY"
  • Smash punches are often performed after slapkicks.
  • The wushu front sweep is always done with a smash punch at the beginning.