Stab'n Block - Wushu Spear Technique

Stab'n Block - Wushu Spear

The stab'n block technique is one of the most basic techniques for the wushu spear and can be seen in almost every spear form. The application of this exercise is attacking (wushu bow stance + stab) and then blocking. In Chinese Mandarin this is called: "Nan Na Zha Qiang" Find more wushu spear instructions at spear main.


  • Stab and go to a low wushu bow stance. Keep your shoulders at one level, extend both arms and look straight forward. Keep your upper body vertical and exhale as you stab. At this point, your wushu spear has to be parallel to the floor. The right hand grabs the end of the spear and the left hand leads the spear. The pointer of the left hand points to the same direction as the spear.
  • Then pull your wushu spear back. The right hand goes to the right hip and the spear slides through the left hand. Also move back so that most of your weight is on your back leg and your front leg is almost extended.
  • To block, twist forward up your left forearm so that your palm points to your body for a moment. The thick end of your wushu spear stays at your hip. Look straight forward the whole time.
  • Then repeat.


  • Try to stab and block as fast as possible (like 10 or 30 times in a row).
  • Work on your wushu stances.