Front Twirl - 3 Sectional Staff - Wushu

Front Twirl - 3 Sectional Staff - Wushu

The front twirl (Wu Hua) with the 3 sectional wushu staff is technically the same as the front twirl with the normal staff. Because the normal wushu staff is easier to control, you should learn "GunShu" skills first. Find more 3 sectional staff techniques at 3-s-wushu-staff main.

Description: Front Twirl - 3 Sectional Staff - Wushu

  • Hold the mid-segment of your 3 sectional staff vertical with your right hand in front of your. (thumb points up) Hold the mid segment in the middle or in the lower 1/3.
    Then put your left hand with the thumb pointing down and the fingers pointing to your right on the mid segment. The right hand holds the 3 sectional staff with the "Hu Kou" ("Hu Kou".. see staff - front twirl lesson) The left hand only supports the motion of the 3-s-staff and doesn't really grab the staff.
    • The segment to which your right thumbs points is the top-segment. The other side of the 3 sectional staff is the end-segment.
  • Start swinging the top-segment down so that it goes under you shoulder.
    • It's a good idea to strike out before the actual back twirl. (to line up the segments) To do so, let the top-segment hang over your right shoulder at the beginning. This way you have a 180° spin to line up the segments before the actual front twirl.
  • When the top-segment of you 3 sectional staff is right under your right shoulder, you have to turn your upper body to the left, so that the shoulder opens and the top-segment can pass.
  • Let the end-segment move down on your left side and let the top segment follow. Let the 3-s-staff rotate on your left side until the top-segment points up again. Keep the 3 sectional staff close to your body.
  • Then swing the top-segment down in front of you and let it pass on the right side of your legs.
  • When the top-segment next points up, you are at the beginning again.

Advice: Front Twirl - 3 Sectional Staff - Wushu

  • The main problem learning the back and the front twirl with the 3 sectional staff is, that this is a flexible weapon. So if you just started learning 3 sectional staff techniques, you might hit yourself with the outer segments at the beginning.
    • 1 put foam over the outer segments of you 3 sectional staff.
    • The front and the back twirl with the staff are technically exactly the same as front and back twirl with the 3 sectional staff. So it's a good idea to learn those techniques with the staff first.
    • If you start with a fast short spin, the 3 sectional staff straightened up.
  • Keep the 3 sectional staff very very close to the body.