Falling Backwards - Wushu Ditang

Dead Man - Falling Backwards - Wushu Ditang

Learn how to fall flat on your back. The dead man falling backwards (in Chinese: hou yang) is a technique often seen at the beginning or the end of wushu ditang forms. Also learn this technique if you are interested in martial arts stunts or other techniques where you land on the back. The dead man falling technique is also often seen in WWE fights. However, it originated from the traditional Chinese wushu style: "Di Tang Quan" Find more ditang techniques at wushu ditang main.

Description: Falling Backwards - Wushu Ditang

  • Stand upright and bring your hands to your sides. Extend your elbows and your knees totally. Look straight forward.
  • Arch back your upper body and also bend back your head. Don't bend our knees at all. Arching the back while falling backwards makes the fall shorter and therefore decreases the impact.
  • Fall backwards with your back arched backwards and your legs exended totally. Shortly before you fall on the floor, bend your head up. (Approximately when you look straight up or slightly back) And prepare with your forearms and your hands to sustain the impact. (see animation above)
  • Fall on your forearms first and let your legs slip away. The back is still arched backwards, but now the head is bent up. (so that your head doesn't hit the floor.)
  • Next your upper back (rear delts) touches the floor. The lower back and the head should still stay away from the floor.
  • After catching the whole impact with the hands, the forearms and the upper back, lie down flat (lower head and lower back).

Trainer advice: Falling Backwards - Wushu Ditang

  • Try this ditang technique on avery soft mat or a matraze first.
  • At the beginning ach back your back, but don't bend your head back. (bend your head up as you learn this technique) If you don't bend your head up in time, you can hurt your neck and your head badly.
  • Make sure you don't hit the floor with your lower back or your butt first.
  • Typical combinations of this technique:
    • Smash Punch - Dead Man Falling Backwards
    • Dead Man Falling Backwards - Kip Up
    • Flip Flop - Dead man Falling Backwards