Wushu Ditang - Falling Flat on the Stomach

Dead Man - Falling Flat on the Stomach - Wushu Ditang

The flat fall on the stomach is a basic ditang technique where you fall forward like a zombie and land flat on the stomach. That the fall is actually supported with the hands should not be seen easily. You have to master the fall on the stomach before you try more difficult moves where you land on the stomach. For example the wushu front flip with stomach landing. Find more ditang instructions at ditang main.

Description: Dead Man - Falling Flat on the Stomach - Wushu Ditang

  • Stand upright with your legs closed, knees extended and your fists on the hips. Look straight forward and keep your head, your hips and your feet in line. Depending on the technique you performed before the fall on the stomach, you can also position your hands differently. The point is that you shouldn't extend your hands towards the floor too early.
  • Tip forward with your fists on the hips and your body totally extended. Don't bend your knees or your back. Keep your fists on the hips as long as possible. However, t the beginning you can extend your arms towards the floor right away, which makes the whole thing easier.
  • Open your fists and extend your arms towards the floor after a 45 degree fall. The hands should be approximately one shoulder width apart and the fingers should point straight forward. Palms point down to the floor.
  • Bring your hands back a litle bit, shortly before you touch the floor. This movement should be very small and its only porpose is to reduce the impact on your arms. Timing is very important. If you move your hands back too far you will crash on your chest. Keep in mind that your knees and your back should still be straight.
  • First contact is made with the hands. The hands should touch the floor pretty close to the shoulders and the angle between hands and forearms should be very flat. A mili second later, the forearms touch the floor and the elbows go up on the sides of your upper body, after which the upper body can touch the floor. At the end you can put down knees and hips. To avoid that the hips and the knees crash on the floor, keep your knees totally extended and your abdominals contracted slightly. Also keep your neck tight, to avoid that you knock the floor with your face.

Advice: Dead Man - Falling Flat on the Stomach - Wushu Ditang

  • Learn the fall on the stomach on soft mats first.
  • Make sure your elbows can pass on the sides of your upper body. If you keep your elbows too close together, you can fall on your elbows and injure your ribs or the elbow joints.
  • Make sure you don't hit the floor with your elbows, your knees or your hips first.
  • This is nothing technical, but i still think this fact should be mentioned: Muscular forearms and strong triceps make the landing a bit easier.