Padmasana - Yoga Lotus Pose

Padmasana - Yoga Lotus Pose

In this lesson you will learn how to do the lotus pose. The lotus pose is the most popular sitting position in yoga. You basically fold your legs, keep your back straight and relax your arms. The lotus pose is perfect for meditation and helps to develop a good posture. You can find more yoga instructions at yoga main.


  • Sit on the floor with your legs extended and your upper body straight and vertical. Legs and trunk form a "L"
  • Then put your right foot on your left thigh so that the sole of youe foot points up. The foot should be as close as possible to the hip.
  • Push down your right knee with your right hand. (slowly)
  • Then put you left foot on your right thigh so that the sole of your right foot points up. (use both hands) Both feet have to be as close as possble to the hips.
  • To finish the lotus pose, put your hands on your thighs with your palm either pointing up or down.
    Lotus pose with palms pointing up: ENERGIZING
    Lotus pose with palms pointing down: GROUNDING
  • Keep your upper body vertical and concentrate on your breathing. Breath slowly and concentrated.


  • Your upper body should always stay straight. Also when you grab one leg to put it on your thigh. To practice this, you can also lean to a wall. (shoulder blades and hips should always touch the wall)
  • Here a more sporty variation of the lotus pose: Go into the lotus pose and then lean forward. Put your hands on the floor and try to do a handstand.


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