Tadasana - Yoga Mountain Pose

Tadasana - Yoga Mountain Pose

Most series of yoga poses & exercises begin and end in the tadasana (mountain pose). In this pose you concentrate on your position and your breathing. The yoga tadasana makes it easier to stay focused and concentrated during long yoga sessions. Find more yoga exercises at yoga main.


  • Keep your back straight. Don't arch back your back. Round your upper back a little bit -> Not notable.
  • Look straight forward.
  • Relax your shoulders.
  • The hands hang down relaxed on your sides. Palms point to your thighs.
  • Feet: Approximately one shoulder width apart. The toes point in slightly. The heels carry slightly less weight than the balls of the feet.


  • The Tadasana is not a REST pose. Many yoga practitioners make the mistake to take the mountain pose as a relaxion position. Remember that you still have to concentrate on your stance and your breathing. Stay focused.


  • None