Vrksasana - Yoga Tree Pose

Vrksasana - Yoga Tree Pose

The yoga tree pose improves balance, concentration and posture. (especially for people with leg and foot problems and for people who sit a lot during work) The yoga tree pose strengthens calf thigh and back muscles and slightly stretches the hip and groin area. Find more yoga exercises at yoga main.


  • Start from the yoga mountain pose (tadasana)
  • Lift your left knee and put your left foot sole on the inside of your right thigh. Exhale while you do this.
  • Then raise your extended arms to horizontal level. Both palm point down.
  • Inhale again and close your palms in front of your chest at the same time (praying position)
  • Finally exhale and lift your closed palms over head. Keep breathing concentrated through the belly and hold this position for a while.


  • Breathe deep (belly breating) and move slowly.
  • The yoga tree pose is easier to balance when you look straight forward to something far in front of you.


  • None