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Sports Injuries
Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries

There is nothing worse for an athlete, than being forced to pause because of an injury. Out of all injures, fractures are not always the worst. While a broken bone usually heals within 3 to 6 weeks, tendon and nerve injuries cure much slower. Because injured tendons and nerves don't restrict the training with a plaster, many athletes go back to training too soon, which slows down the recovery process. One of the most dangerous injuries are nerve-injuries. For example when a nerve gets overstretched, (often happens when the shoulder is dislocated) or when a nerve separates. The concerned muscles or muscle groups often stay paralyzed for a long time (sometimes even forever). Other common sports injuries are ruptures, inflammations, deformations, joint wear outs etc.

Injuries by body parts:

General knowledge: Sports Injuries

Advice: Sports Injuries

  • To avoid injuries, warm up and stretch before every workout.
  • Stop immediately if you feel pain.
  • If possible work out with an instructor.
  • Use mats and protections.
  • Don't work out hungry or shortly after a meal.

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