Learn the Headspin

Learn the Headspin

In this FM lesson you will learn how to do a headspin. A headspin is a breakdance move, where you do a headstand, strike out with your legs and spin at least 360° on your head. Before you try the headspin, you should be able to do a headstand. To protect you head, it's recommended to use a BMX helmet or a hat. For more breakdancing instructions please visit breakdancing main.

Description: Learn the Headspin

  • Go into a headstand and spread your legs. VERY IMPORTANT: When you do a headstand to initiate a headspin, your fingers should point away from your head. Keep your head, your neck and your spine vertical and in one line. To do so, contract your abdominals and your neck muscles slightly. Move the center of gravity pretty close to the point where your head touches the floor. The closer, the easier it will be to spin around. (see headstand lesson)
  • Before you try your first headspin, you should learn to strike out with your legs. Strike out slowly clockwise and counter clockwise and try not to lose balance. (don't spin yet)
  • Your first headspin: Strike out, swing your legs back and lift your hands when your hips and your head point to the same direction. Your head and your body should spin as one unit... so !!! don't don't don't !!! spin around your body and then follow with your head. At the beginning you should only spin a few degrees and then put your hands back down.
  • Once you can do a full rotation, you basically mastered the headspin. Find more advanced variations of the headspin below.

Trainer advice: Learn the Headspin

  • Don't try the headspin without head protection unless you want to lose your hair forever.
  • To do more then one spin at once, bring your legs together.
    (increases momentum and speeds up the rotation)
  • After putting your hands back down, try to initiate another headspin as soon as possible.
    Without striking out too much.
  • Later you can try to lift you hands further and bring your legs to different positions
    while you spin on your head.

Videos: Learn the Headspin

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