Headstand and Basic Freezes

Headstands and Basic Freezes

In this Flash Mavi lesson you will learn how to do a freeze and how to balance a headstand. A headstand is when you stand on the floor with your head (with or without the help of your hands). Find more breakdance instructions at breakdance main.

Description: Headstand - Freezes

  • The animation above shows how to go from a typical freeze to a headstand with hands to a headstand without hands. The red arrow shows the location of the center of gravity.
    (always points straight down) The points A and B are the edges of your tip-area. If the center of gravity passes point A or B, you tip over.
  • The closer the center of gravity moves towards your hands, the more strength you will need to balance the position.
  • If the center of gravity is right over the sport where your head touches the floor, you will not need your hands to balance the position. (That's what you need for the headspin)
  • By moving around your legs, you can change the location of the center of gravity.

Trainer advice: Headstand - Freezes

  • When you practice the headstand, it's recommended to align your head and your eintire spine vertical. (keep tight neck and abs)
  • Once you can to the headstand with the help of your hands, move around your legs to test how far you can go. Try different freezes and also go down to position where you support yourself by pressing your elbow into your waist. (see beginning position - illustration above)

Videos: Headstand - Freezes

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