How to do a Back Walkover

Back Walkover - Gymnastics

In this lesson you will learn how to do the gymnastic back walkover. The back walkover is usually only practiced by girls, because this skill requires lot of back/shoulder flexibility and because it's a typical gymnastic balance beam technique. Before you try this, you should know how to bend back into the bridge from a standing position. Find more gymnastics exercises at artistic gymnastics main.


  • Bend down into a bridge (see bending back into a bridge instruction) and lift one leg shortly before your hands touch the floor. If this is difficult to balance for you, (because you basically bend back down on one leg) finish the bridge on both legs, wait a few seconds and then throw up one leg. Spread your legs as far as you can and extend both knees. Also keep your elbows fully extended.
  • The middle of the back walkover is a handstand-frontsplit. Put down one leg and look down to your hands.
  • Then line up the second leg with your trunk and your arms.
  • Finish in the same position where you started (with your hands up).


  • Most people kick up the left leg first.
  • As you can learn how to bend back into a bridge with spotters, you can also practice the back walkover with spotters.
  • If you can already do the back walkover, the gymnastic back handspring will be easier to learn.
  • Training method: Do a bridge with your feet on a plateau, so that you hands are lower than you feet. This way it will be easier to kick your legs over.