Gymnastic Dive Roll

Gymnastic Dive Roll

In this lesson you will learn how to do a dive roll (basically a front roll with a jump) in artistic gymnastics. Jump from a trampoline onto a thick landing mat before you try this on the floor. Also work on your handstand and your gymnastic front roll before you try this. Find more gymnastics instructions at gymnastics main.


  • Run forward and jump from the balls of your feet without bending your knees too much. The arms the trunk and the legs form are pretty much aligned until your hands touch the floor. Keep your elbows and your knees fully extended.
  • Jump forward up and reach forward. There are wide dive rolls and high dive rolls. Wide dive rolls are dive rolls where the line drawn from your take-off spot to the highest point is less than 45 degrees. In a high dive roll, this line would be more than 45 degrees.
  • When your hands touch the floor, your feet should be slightly over the fly-line. Fly-line: see illustration above.
  • Then perform a normal gymnastic front roll, stand up on your feet and lift your arms forward up.


  • At the beginning you should jump from a trampoline onto landing mats.
  • Start with a hop and then jump higher.
  • Work on your dive roll before you try the gymnastic front flip or the flyspring.