Gymnastics Frontwhip

Gymnastics Frontwhip

In this lesson you will learn how to do a gymnastics frontwhip (with closed legs). The frontwhip is basically a front handspring with closed legs, but without hands. Before you try this, you should be able to do a gymnastic frontwhip stepout (which is a lot easier). Your frontwhip stepout should be pretty good before you give this one a try. For more artistic gymnastics lessons go back to gymnastics main.


  • Run straight forward and lift your arms forward-up while running.
  • Make a step with your left leg and strike out with your arms (align arms horizontally, elbows close to ears). The right leg goes up at first, but the left leg catches up in mid-air (legs closed when vertical). Keep looking forward until your legs are upside down. Don't lift your head too earl. Arch your back - don't round.
  • As soon as your left leg leaved the floor, whip your arms down towards your thighs or extend them sideway. And again, keep looking forward as long as possible. Don't bend your chin towards your chest.
  • Land on both legs and keep look 45° up. Don't look down to the floor. Lift your arms over-head at the same time (see gymnastic front handspring lesson)


  • Learn the gymnastic front handspring and the frontwhip stepout before you try the frontwhip with closed legs. You should also be able to perform gymnastic back or front flips before you intent this skill.
  • Frontwhip training method: Jump from a reuther-springboard onto mats.
  • If you jump into water, don't jump from a springboard. Jump from a 1m platform and make sure you run into the frontwhip (don't walk).
  • Don't sit down or bend your knees too much as you jump off.
  • If you can do the frontwhip, it will be a lot easier to learn the aerial twist.