Frontwhip Stepout - Gymnastics

Frontwhip Stepout - Gymnastics

In this lesson you will learn how to do a frontwhip stepout, which is basically a gymnastic front handspring stepout, but without using the hands. Before you try this, you should learn the cartwheel without hands and the front handspring stepout. If you want to learn the frontwhip with closed legs, learn the stepout-variation first. The normal frontwhip (with closed legs) is more difficult than the stepout. Try this into water first and then jump from a reuther-springboard onto mats. Find advanced gymnastics instruction at artistic gymnastics main.


  • Run straight forward and align your arms with your trunk while running.
  • Make a step with your left leg and bend forward a little. Keep your abdominals tight as you jump off and don't bend down too much (bend approx. 45° forward). Don't sit back or down as you jump off and don't band your knees too much
  • Kick your right leg up and look straight forward. Don't look down to the floor. Actually keep looking forward as long as possible. Arch your back as you kick your right leg up.
  • Spread your legs as for as possible and keep looking forward until the left leg leaves the floor. Whip your arms down or open them sideways at the same time.
  • Land on your right leg first and re-align your arms with your upper body. Look 45° forward up and not down to the floor.


  • Learn the gymnastic front handspring stepout and the tucked front flip before you try this.
  • Training method: Jump from a reuther-springboard onto mats.
  • If you want to jump into water, jump from a 1m platform and not from a springboard. Also make sure you run into the frontwhip stepout. Don't walk, because when you jump from a hard platform, you need forward-momentum.
  • Once you can do the frontwhip stepout, try the frontwhip with closed legs and then then aerial twist.
  • The more flexible your legs and your back, the easier.