Gymnastic Front Flip Stepout

Gymnastic Front Flip Stepout

In this lesson you will learn how to do a front flip stepout in artistic gymnastics. In a front flip stepout you jump off like if you were going to do a normal front flip, but then spread your legs in mid-air and land like if you were coming from a front handspring stepout. Before you try this flip, you should be able to do the normal (tucked) gymnastic front flip and the front handspring stepout. Find more gymnastics instructions at artistic gymnastics main.


  • Jump off and initiate the rotation like when you do a normal (tucked) front flip. see basic front flip lesson.
  • Then step out with one leg and extend your knees while you bring you extended arms back in line with your upper body. If you do your cartwheels and round-off's from your left leg, step out with your right leg.
  • Land on your right leg (which should be aligned with your upper body and your arms). Look straight forward and contract your abdominal slightly to protect your spine from the impact. Make sure your right knee is not bent too much when the foot touches the floor (also don't folly extend the right leg). Try to land soft but not tucked.


  • At the beginning you can jump from a trampoline onto mats.
  • Practice the front flip stepout from a springboard before you try it on the floor.
  • Once you can land the front flip stepout smoothly, try to follow with a front handspring or a round-off. After the front flip stepout you are in the perfect position for a front handspring or a round-off etc.
  • The back-version of the front flip stepout is called flashkick.
  • The front flip stepout will much easier if you can already to the front flip layout.
  • Also try the front flip stepout layout (without tuck).