Gymnastics Exercise - Straighten your Handstand

Gymnastics Exercise - Straighten your Handstand

This gymnastics exercise will help you improve/straighten your handstand. A lot of people relax their back too much and wobble around with their legs when they do a handstand. Being able to do a perfect straight handstand, will automatically improve your gymnastic back and front handsprings. Check out the basic handstand tutorial before you try this exercise. Find more gymnastics instructions at artistic gymnastics main.


  • Lie down and round your back slightly, so that only your lower back touches the floor. Contract your abdominals at the same time.
  • Fully extend your legs and your ankles. Keep your back round, but at the same time, don't lift your neck and your legs too much.
  • Then fully extend your arms behind your head so that your shoulders touch your ears. Extend your arms with your upper body and also extend your knees and your ankles. Bring your feet and your hands as close as possible to the floor, but keep your back round. If you hollow your back, you already moved too far.
  • Hold this position for at least 10 seconds and then relax or stretch your abdominals.


  • Exercise: Roll from left to right, without letting your feet or the hands touch the floor.
  • Do a handstand against a wall and keep your back slightly rounded like in this exercise.
    Push your feet up as high as possible. Don't bend your legs, don't hollow your back. Feel the contraction in your abdominals.
  • You should also do this exercise if you are having a hard time keeping your back straight when you do a double-leg circle on the pommel horse.