High Bar - Gymnastics Apparatus

High Bar - Gymnastics Apparatus

The high bar, also called horizontal bar, is a gymnasts apparatus only used by male gymnasts. The gymnast holds on the high bar and performs giants, release skills, twists, and changes of direction. Momentum from giants can be used for spectacular dismounts like the triple back flip. Leather gloves are used to maintain a better grip on the high bar. Find high bar instructions at artistic gymnastics main.


  • The bar is 240 cm long, 275 cm over ground and 2,4 or 2,8 cm thick. The landing mats are usually 20 cm thick.
  • The high bar can be mounted with the help of your coach (he can lift you up), but must be dismounted alone. The dismounting technique should be landed in a stuck landing.
    Stuck landing = Landing on both feet at the same time without an extra step.
  • Deductions are given for: Bad form, falls, if your routine is too short or too long, if your dismounting technique is not landed in a stuck landing, empty useless swings, etc.


  • Female gymnasts don't compete on the high bar. Instead they perform on the uneven bars.
  • Make sure you protect the landing are with lots of mats when you learn new skills. Ask your coach for help whenever you want to practice high bar skills.
  • Don't try any high bar skills on bars that are not made for gymnastics.
  • Train your forearms to avoid wrist problems.