High Bar - Handstand - Gymnastics

High Bar - Handstand - Gymnastics

In this lesson you will learn a safe gymnastics training method for the handstand on the high bar. To make this easier, adjust the bar between 1m and 1,5m and protect one side with a huge pile of mats. Never bend your arms or your legs and don't hollow your back when you go into a handstand on the high bar. You will lose control, fall and injure yourself. Before you try this, you should practice the gymnastic handstand on the floor and the startup on the high bar. Find more instructions for the high bar at gymnastics main.


  • Start from the support position (see illustration) and fully extend your body. Straighten your legs and your arms. You can round your back slightly in order to keep your abdominals tight, but not too much. Never hollow your back! Push your shoulders down as your thighs touch the bar.
  • Strike out movement: Whip your upper body and your legs forward a little. Keep your thighs on the bar. Arms and legs remain fully extended. Keep your shoulders down.
  • Then whip your legs up so that your body is fully extended (legs and trunk in one line). At the same time you can shift your shoulder forward. Keep in mind that if you lean forward too far, you can fall over and probably hurt yourself. At the beginning your coach or an experienced gymnast should help you with this. Don't bend your elbows.
  • Once your legs are high enough, push your shoulders back again and align your entire body vertically. Again, make sure you don't relax your abdominals and keep your elbows, your knees and your ankles straight. Don't bend your head back. The handstand on the high bar cannot be held very long, because it can't be balanced it with forearm strength.


  • Don't hollow your back when you do a handstand on the high bar.
  • Ask your coach or an experienced gymnast to support you at the beginning.
  • If the height of your bar can be adjusted, lower it to less than 1,5 m and protect one side with a huge pile of landing mats (see illustration).
  • After learning then handstand on the high bar, you can start learning giants and more difficult skills.