Gymnastics - High Bar - Swinging

Gymnastics - High Bar - Swinging

In this lesson you will learn how to do a basic swing on the gymnastic high bar. Learn how to swing before you try any advanced techniques. Find more instructions for the gymnastic high bar at artistic gymnastics main.


  • Hang with both hands on the bar and extend your shoulders, so that your ears touch the shoulders. Your hands should be about one shoulder width apart and your arms parallel. Elbows, knees and ankles should be fully extended. Look straight forward and keep your entire body in a perfect straight line. You can look slightly up, but don't bend your head back. When you swing on the high bar, you should never hollow your back. Whenever your body is right under or over the bar, you have to go though this straight position where your body is aligned in a perfect vertical line.
  • Swing your fully extended legs forward up and contract your abdominals a little, so that you can see your feet for a moment. But don't bend forward too much. Don't lift yourself with your arms.
  • Then extend your entire body and lock your arms with your upper body and your legs.
  • Swing back without hollowing your back and keep your abdominals tight.
  • Then swing forward again and repeat.
  • Go from horizontal level to horizontal level.


  • Work on your gymnastic handstand.
  • Don't swing too high at the beginning.
  • Protect the area under the high bar with mats. Ask your coach or an experienced gymnast to support you.
  • Use leather grips and chalk up your hands.