Simulate a Gymnastic Round-Off with a Trampoline

Simulate a Gymnastic Round-Off with a Trampoline

This is a very nice training method to increase the height of gymnastics flips. When you simulate a gymnastic round-off like this, you need less strength, so it's easier to work on your technique. You jump higher and therefore have more time to improve you technique. Use this training method to work on your back flip, the back flip layout, back flip twist etc. Find detailed gymnastics instructions and training methods at artistic gymnastics main.


  • Go into a handstand (on a box) and then let yourself fall into a trampoline. If your handstand is not straight enough, you might lose control when you bounce off the trampoline.
  • Extend your legs and keep your abdominals tight as you bounce off.
  • Keep your hands high - Don't let your arms fall as you bounce off.
  • Protect the landing area with mats. At the beginning you should get used to jumping up and BACK. Don't try any flips too soon.


  • Make sure you jump back and up - not just up.
  • Try a few back handsprings before you try any flips. At the beginning you should actually just jump from the trampoline, without letting yourself fall from the handstand position.
  • This is an exercise for people who can already do the round-off and the back handspring.
    Don't try this if you are a beginner. Also consider jumping from a 1-m springboard into water.