Jumping from a Springboard into Water

When you are learning acrobatic gymnastics or martial arts flips, jumping into water is a good training method for jumps you are not ready for or if you think it is too early for trampoline and mats. Find detailed gymnastics instructions and training methods at gymnastics main.


  • When you jump into water from a springboard, you can try anything: Front flips, back flips, flips with rotations etc. It simply doesn't matter how good you are at gymnastics. I recommend you jump from a 1 meter springboard, not from 3, 5 or 10m. The only thing you have to be careful with is not hitting the springboard after the jump. This can happen if you jump up too much and not away from the springboard. Be aware of this risk and jump away from the board a few times before you try any flips. Get used to the distance between you and the springboard.


  • Make sure you jump away from the springboard and not straight up.
  • Always check for swimmers.
  • When you are working on back flip variations, stand with the balls of your feet on the edge of the springboard, so that your heels are in the air. Strike out and then jump BACK-up.
  • If you are practicing jumps where you don't jump off both legs at the same time, don't try them from a springboard. Jumping into water is still a good training method, but it would be much better if you jumped off a still 1-meter platform. Eg: Front whips, cartwheels without hands etc.