Pommel Horse - Gymnastics Apparatus

Pommel Horse - Gymnastics Apparatus

The pommel horse is a gymnastics apparatus only used by men. The gymnast performs continuous circular movements around the horse while only his hands are allowed to touch it. Most beginners think that they need very strong arms and shoulder muscles for the pommel horse. But in fact, technique & balance are more important than strength. The rings and the parallel bars require more upper body strength than the pommel horse. Find gymnastic pommel horse instructions at gymnastics main.


  • The pommel horse is 160 cm long and 35 cm wide. The horse is 115 cm high and the pommels are 12 cm high and made of plastic. The distance between the pommels is between 40 and 45 cm (depends on your shoulder width - adjustable). Usually the pommel horse is surrounded by 20 cm high landing mats. The body is made of plastic and covered by synthetic materials. Soft materials under the leather layer protect the legs from getting injured if you hit the body.
  • Your knees and your ankles should remain fully extended when you perform different skills on this apparatus.
  • Element groups:
    • Single-Leg Swings and Scissors
    • Circles and Flairs
    • Side & Cross Support Travels
    • Flops & Combined Elements
    • Dismounts
  • If any body part other than your hands touch the pommels, points are deducted. Points will also be deducted if you fall, for bad form, slow movements, bad dismounts, too long or too short routines etc.


  • There are special training pods for the practice of circles and flairs.
  • If you are learning new skills, make sure you protect the area around your pommel horse.
  • Abdominal and upper body strength are important for this apparatus. If your technique & balance is bad, you will need more upper body strength.