Still Rings - Gymnastics Apparatus

Still Rings - Gymnastics Apparatus

"The Rings" or "Still Rings" is a gymnastics apparatus only used by men. No other apparatus requires that much strength, which is one of the reasons why female gymnasts don't compete on the rings. Two wooden rings are suspended on wire cables from 5,75 meters and hang 275 cm off the floor. The gymnast performs a routine demonstrating balance, strength, and dynamic skills without letting the rings themselves swing. Find technical instructions for the rings at gymnastics main.


  • The rings are suspended from a 5,75 m high point and hang 2,75 m off the floor. Usually a steel frame is built up for competitions, but many gymnastics gyms have the rings hanging from the ceiling. Distance between the two wooden rings: 50 cm. The inside diameter of the rings is 18 cm. Outside diameter: 23,6 The landing area is protected by 20 cm thick mats.
  • Routines on the rings consist of swings, strength and hold parts.
    Typical techniques are:
    Giant swings from handstand to handstand. Holds like the iron cross => Extend you arms to horizontal level and keep your body vertical for at least 2 seconds.
  • If you are too short to reach the rings on your own, your coach is allowed to lift you up.
    The dismount must be done alone and has to be landed in a stuck landing. Stuck landing => Landing on both feet together without an extra step.
    Typical dismount: Create momentum with giant swings and then do a back flip variation and land in a stuck landing.
  • Deductions are given for: Bad form, falls, empty/useless swings, bad dismounts or landings, too long or too short routines.


  • Work on your upper body strength.
  • Make sure the area under the rings is well protected.
  • Many horizontal bar skills are similar to techniques performed on the rings.