Uneven Bars - Gymnastics Apparatus

Uneven Bars - Gymnastics Apparatus

The uneven bars (in the GB: asymmetric bars) is a gymnastics apparatus only used by female gymnasts (WAG). Gymnasts perform swinging, circling, transitional, and release techniques, as well as handstands on 2 wooden bars at different heights. At the end of a routine the gymnast usually releases the upper bar with a difficult flip and lands on both feet (stuck landing). Find exercises for the uneven bars at gymnastics main.


  • The height of the bars is not adjustable. Upper bar: 245 cm. Lower bar 165 cm.
  • The distance between the bars is adjustable between 130 and 180 cm.
  • Usually the bars are made of wood. Kid's uneven bar apparatus often have plastic bars,
    which is OK for younger/lighter gymnasts, but not good for competition.
  • You are allowed to tape your hands or use leather grips or hand guards on the uneven bars. You can also chalk up your hands to get a better grip (with chalk and water).
  • To mount the uneven bars, you can either use a springboard, or simply run straight towards the bars or use a skill. Your coach is not allowed to lift you up to the bars.
    However, the coach is allowed to stand on the mats during your routine for security reasons. If you fall and want to continue your routine on the upper bar, your coach can lift you back up.
  • Points are deducted for: Mistakes, poor form, falls, pauses, useless swings that do not lead into another skill, additional steps after the dismount, etc.


  • Don't try new techniques without your coach and soft landing mats.
  • Don't practice on an apparatus with loose cables.
  • To avoid wrist problems do forearm strength exercises.