Heel Bruise - Contusion

Heel Bruise - Contusion

In this lesson you will learn what's a heel bruise - Also known as heel contusion. A heel bruise is a painful condition where the protecting fat pad under the heel bone is injured / inflamed. Other causes for heel pain can be traumatic injuries, plantar fasciitis, heel bone fractures etc. Heel bruises can be very painful, especially when you walk downhill or participate in sports with a lot of direction changes. Find information about other sports injuries at injuries main.

Description: Heel Bruise - Contusion

  • The heel bone (calcaneus) is protected by a fat pad. See illustration above. Repeated impact on the heel can push parts of this fat pad up on the sides of the heel bone. This weakens the protective layer and causes heel pain and / or / inflammation.

Symptoms: Heel Bruise - Contusion

  • Heel Pain
  • Sometimes warmth and redness over the area.
  • Pain in the heel when you walk downhill.

Who is susceptible: Heel Bruise - Contusion

  • People who participate in sports that involve a lot of direction changes. For example street soccer, badminton and martial arts.
  • People who practice acrobatic jumps on a hard ground.
  • Wushu and especially "Wushu Di Tang" practitioners.
  • People who work out in a cold environment.
  • Dancers.

Treatment: Heel Bruise - Contusion

  • Consult a sports injury specialist.
  • Apply ice
  • Rest
  • Tape your heel => Compression
  • Use a heel pad do dampen impacts. For example silicone heel pads (heel cups) from "Bauernfeind".

Trainer advice: Achilles Tendonitis

  • Warm up and stretch before every workout.
  • When you do acrobatic jumps, check landing area before you jump.
  • Use proper shock-absorbing footwear.
  • Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation - The first 72 hours. Apply ice as soon as possible. The earlier the better.
  • 3 days after initial injury, you can apply heat and massage techniques.
  • Heel Bruises can become very difficult to cure if you don't rest.
  • If heel pain persists, you may take an x-ray. Sometimes the arch tendon of the foot becomes irritated due to a bone spur.
  • Heel contusions (heel bruises) and a bruises on the heel are not the same. A normal bruise can occur anywhere. A heel contusion (heel bruise) is when the protecting fat pad under the heel bone is injured.

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