Sports Injury First Aid

The first few reactions after you injure yourself in a training are very important. If your first aid treatment is not appropriate, it can take several months until you can go back to normal training. Proper first aid treatment is the first step to quick recovery. Find more injury related topics at injuries main.

Info: Sports Injury First Aid

  • For most sports injuries DR. RICE is the perfect first aid. Especially for sprained ankles, muscle contusions, joint and tendon injuries etc. DR = Consult a Doctor, but actually R.I.C.E. comes first. The first few minutes and 72 hours are very important for your recovery. R.I.C.E. means Rest + Ice + Compression + Elevation. Basically this will avoid hematomas, reduce swelling and pain and help you recover faster.
    • Rest: Keeps blood pressure and pulse low. This way you avoid hematomas or that a healing hematoma breaks up again and grows.
    • Ice: Slows down bleeding, avoids infections, avoids swelling and releases pain. Apply ice for 10 to 15 minutes but don't put your ice bags on the skin directly. (wrap the bag in drapery - it shouldn't be too cold - you don't want frostbites) Wait 30 to 60 minutes before you apply the next ice bag. The first bag should be applied as soon as possible.
    • Compression: Avoids hematomas and bleeding. (with bleeding I mean internal bleeding)
    • Elevation to avoid high pressure. Lie down and / or elevate your leg if you sprained our ankle, injured your knee etc.

Advice: Sports Injury First Aid

  • Pain is a signal that tells you to stop stop. Pain = Alarm, and you should always listen to your bodies alarms. Sometimes you can avoid an injury when you listen to your bodies signals and stop in time.
  • Don't try new skills or risky jumps if you feel tired, weak or dizzy.
  • Work out with training partner.
  • Bandages, ice bags and a first aid kit should be in reach. Not that you should always expect to sprain your ankle or rupture a tendon, but you should know where to find an ice bag in case you work out in an empty gym. I always have bandages and some first aid stuff in my training bag.
  • Consult a doctor if you are injured. Don't trust "How to Cure a Broken Bone" - online tutorials.
  • Rest until you are fully recovered.