Ashi Guruma - Judo

Ashi Guruma - Judo

The ashi guruma (in engl: leg wheel) is one of the 40 original judo throws, Jigoro Kano (the founder of judo) developed himself. The ashi guruma can be applied very easy and is also suitable for street selfdence. The ashi guruma technique is classified as a judo foot technique (ashi waza) You can find other judo instructions at judo main.

Description: Ashi Guruma - Judo

  • This is a tutorial for the ashi guruma (leg wheel) to the left side.
  • The right and the left hand grab the opponents uniform. (left hand grabs right elbow and right hand grabs left sleeve of the opponents uniform)
  • Put your right leg in front of your opponent, so that your hip is in front of his hip and your knee is in front of his knee.
  • Throw your opponent by pulling his sleeve and pushing his shoulder. He should kinda roll over your leg / hip.
  • See ashi animation above.

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