Okuriashi Harai - Judo

Okuriashi Harai - Judo

The okuriashi harai (following foot sweep) is a judo throw where you pull your opponent to one side and sweep his legs to the other side. This judo throw can be applied very fast, but it's also easy to defend against it. Find more judo techniques at judo main.

Description: Okuriashi Harai - Judo

  • This tutorial is for a okuriashi harai to the left side. Of course you can also do this technique the other way around.
  • Grab the left side of your opponents uniform and put your instep around his leg / ankle.
  • Pull his uniform down and to the right while you sweep his legs to the left.
  • Go to a wide and low stance so that you can't lose balance yourself. Pull down your opponent and don't release him too early.

Trainer advice: Okuriashi Harai - Judo

  • Don't release your opponent too early.
  • Don't throw anybody who has no judo or wrestling experiance.

Videos: Okuriashi Harai Okuriashi Harai - Judo

  • Okuriashi Harai video coming soon