Osoto Guruma Instruction - Learn the large outer wheel

Osoto Guruma - Judo

The osoto guruma (literally: large outer wheel) is one of the 40 original judo throws, Jigoro Kano (the founder of judo) developed himself. The osoto guruma is quite easy to apply and there for is also suitable in street self-dence. This throw is classified as a judo foot technique (ashi waza). Find more instructions at judo main.

Description: Osoto Guruma - Judo

  • This is a tutorial for the osoto guruma (large outer wheel) to the left side.
  • The right and the left hand grab the opponents uniform. (left hand grabs right elbow and right hand grabs left shoulder part of the opponents uniform)
  • Put your right leg behind your opponent. At that time your right leg has to be bent and your torso has to be turned to your right slightly.
  • To throw your opponent, you straighten your right leg immediately, push down your right hand (with your opponents shoulder) and pull down your left hand (his elbow). At the same time you have to twist your torso to your left.
  • See osoto guruma animation and videos.

Trainer advice: Osoto Guruma - Judo

  • Don't throw somebody who has no judo (or similar martial arts) experiance.
  • Only practice the osoto guruma on mats.