Ushiro Koshi - Learn the rear hip throw

Ushiro Koshi - Judo

In this judo online lesson you will learn how to do a Ushiro Koshi, also called rear hip throw. The ushiro koshi is often used when the opponent tries to apply a hip throw such as the judo koshi guruma. Instead of letting your opponent throw you over his hip, you throw him before he can finish the thow. Find more judo techniques at judo main.

Description: Ushiro Koshi - Judo

  • An ushiro koshi is often used when the opponent tries to apply a koshi guruma or a similar hip throw. Make sure you can grab his sleeve before he turns around. The other arm has to go around his waist.
  • Shortly before your opponent pushes up his hip and pulls forward your upper body, you go down a bit and lean back slighty. Bend your knees to make yourself samller. This makes it harder for your opponent to throw you. Timing is very important and this also has to happen very fast.
  • Use your feet, legs, hips and your upper body, to lift your opponent a little bit and trow him. Feels like pushing him forward up with your hips and thighs (see ushiro koshi illustration above).

Trainer advice: Ushiro Koshi - Judo

  • Learn the Ushiro Koshi after you can do and understand the Koshi Guruma

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