Yoko Otoshi - Judo

Yoko Otoshi - Judo

In this judo lesson you will learn how to do a yoko otoshi, also called side drop. The yoko otoshi is a throw, where you go down on one leg and spread the other leg forward, so that your opponent falls over your front leg. Find more judo throws at judo main. Apply the judo yoko otoshi as follows.

Description: Yoko Otoshi - Judo

  • Grab your opponents uniform and pull him closer to you, while you put your weight on your backleg. Spread your frontleg forward at the same time.
  • Move down, straighten your frontleg and pull your opponent with you. Turn to your left as you move down and make your opponent fall over your frontleg.

Trainer advice: Yoko Otoshi - Judo

  • Don't throw anybody who has no judo or wrestling experiance.

Videos: Yoko Otoshi - Judo

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