Learn Jujitsu Techniques


Jujitsu (Gentle Art) is an Asian martial art, most likely invented around 2000 before christ in India and settled in Japan. It emphasizes on short range combat; Throws, joint locks, grappling etc. Jujitsu became more and more popular in Japan until Dr. Kano Jigoro started modernising the art and tried to make it more scientific. He invented Judo which became more popular for a long time. Between the first and the second world war japanese Jujitsu champion "Esai Maeda" brought Jujitsu to Brazil, from where this ancient martial art broke though again. That was the beginning of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Trainer advice: Jujitsu

  • Taiji Tuishou and Judo exercises can be helpful for your Jujitsu training.