Jujitsu Fighting Stance

Jujitsu Fighting Stance

The Jujitsu fighting stance is from where fight begin. This phase is called OUT-FIGHTING. Here you can do strikes, combinations, kicks etc. Your goal is to knock out your opponent, so that it doesn't even come to clinches and throws. According to your strengthes and weaknesses, you can modify your jujitsu fighting stance. For example keep your fronthand a bit higher if you are not really afraid of low kicks. Or hold your hands slightly different if you focus on throwing techniques. Find more jujitsu instructions at jujitsu main.

Description: Jujitsu Fighting Stance

  • You may modify this basic jujitsu fighting stance according to your strengthes and weaknesses.
  • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart (see fighting stance illustration above)
  • Walk on your toes, so that you can react fast.
  • Stonger hand back. (If you are right handed, right hand back and left foot forward)
  • Chin down and eyes straight.

Trainer advice: Jujitsu Fighting Stance

  • Don't hop around like a kangaroo.
  • Keep your center of balance low, but not too low, that your legs become stiff and you can't react very fast.

Videos: Jujitsu Fighting Stance

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