Roundhouse Kick - Mawashi Geri

Roundhouse Kick

The roundhouse kick is a popular kicking technique found in almost every martial arts style. In japanese the roundhouse kick is called mawashi geri. (mawashi = round, geri = kick) A roundhouse kick can be executed from many different stances and in fights. There are several differnt veriations of this kick and the only portion of it execution that is always consistent is, that the kick is done inward and when you hit somebody with a roundhouse kick, the other foot should point away from your opponent. This here is a basic mawashi geri instruction. Find more jujitsu instructions at jujitsu main.

Description: Roundhouse Kick

  • Lift the knee of your kicking leg and bring it forward up while you twist about 90 degrees on your other leg. (ball of the foot) If you kick with your back leg, the roundhouse kick is stronger. If you kick with your front leg, the kick is faster. PHASE 1 - when the knee is up.
  • Snap out the leg and hit with your ankle (straighten foot - be careful that you don't
    hit with your toes) Kick inward and higher than horizontal level. Twist another 90 degrees on the leg on which you are standing. Extend hips and keep one arm in front of you, in case you have to defend against an attack at the same time. The other hand is at your solar plexus (upper abdominals). PHASE 2 - when the kicking leg is extended.
  • Bring back the kicking leg as soon as possible, before your opponent can grab your mawashi geri. Move back to the position where you had your knee up, but don't move the foot the same way. (Go back in a straight line - That makes it harder for your opponent to grab your leg) PHASE 3 - When the knee is up (after the mawashi geri)
  • Put the kicking leg back onto the floor.

Trainer advice: Roundhouse Kick

  • Stretch your Splits
  • A good exercise for the mawashi geri is to stop 3 seconds in every phase of the kick.
  • Try to do many roundhouse kicks in a row, without putting the kicking leg to the floor.

Videos: Roundhouse Kick - Mawashi Geri

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