Kiba Dachi - Karate

Kiba Dachi - Karate

In this lesson you will learn how to do a karate horse stance. The horse stance (in jap. "Kiba Dachi") is a karate position where you stand with your feet 1 to 2 shoulder widths apart like you were riding a horse horse. Horse stances exist in almost all asian martial arts systems. Find more karate stances and techniques at karate main.

Description: Kiba Dachi - Karate

  • Feet parallel and and 1 to 2 shoulder widths apart.
  • Thighs approximately 45° over horizontal level. Knees point slightly out.
  • Upper body upright.
  • Look straight forward

Trainer advice: Kiba Dachi - Karate

  • When you want to move forward forward, slide the back leg to your front leg without standing up and then slide forward. Kinda like if you were skating. (Turn 180° from one horse stance to the next)
  • Exercise: Try to hold the horse stance for a few minutes.