Yoko Geri Keage - Karate

Yoko Geri Keage - Karate

The yoko geri keage is a snapped karate sidekick, where you hit your opponent with the Sokuto (outer edge of the foot). The snapped side kick goes to the opponents chin and is seen in many katas. Find more karate instructions on karate main.

Description: Yoko Geri Keage - Karate

  • Lift the knee of the kicking leg in front of you and twist 90° ont the other leg.
  • Snap out the lower leg and hit the opponent with the Sokuto. (Sokuto = Outer edge of the foot)
  • Pull back the foot fast, so that your opponent can't grab your leg. Pull back the same way you kicked (go back to the position where your knee is lifted in front of you)
  • Put the kicking leg back to the floor.

Trainer advice: Yoko Geri Keage - Karate

  • Hold on something with you hands and practice the yoko geri keage in slow motion.
  • Keep in mind that when you do a yoko geri keage, your shoulders, hips and legs stay in one layer. (No bow shape like when you do a yoko geri kekomi) To practice this, stand with your back close to a wall and do snapped sidekicks.

Videos: Yoko Geri Keage - Karate

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