Muay Thai Front Kick

Muay Thai Front Kick

Learn how to do a Muay Thai Front Kick. This is a thrusted front kick to the opponent's mid-section. There are also snapped front kicks to the opponent's chin and front thrust kicks to the opponent's face. In Thai, this kick is called Thip Trong (Thip = ถีบ = Kick) (Trong = ตรง = Direct or Straight). The front kick is one of the most important kicks in muay thai. Find more interactive muay thai instructions at muay thai main. For muay thai video instructions, click here.


  • Start from the muay thai fighting stance with your hands up and the chin down. Make sure you stand on the balls of your feet.
  • Lift your back leg and bring the knee close to your abdominals. Make sure you don't lower your guard and also don't open your elbows sideways. Don't raise your chin as you kick.
  • Then extend the kicking leg and push one arm slightly forward between you and your opponent. If you kick with the right leg, extend your right arm. If you kick with the left leg, extend your left arm. The other hand remains close to the face. There are many reasons why you should get used to extending one arm; You can block off your opponent if he comes closer as you kick, you can block your opponents vision, if he kicks at the same time, you can grab his leg faster, etc...
  • Shortly before impact, push your hips forward. Fully extend your standing leg. Kick with the ball of the foot and exhale. Keep your chin down.
  • Then pull back the same way and go back to your fighting stance. If you kick with the back leg, you HAVE to bring the kicking leg back to the beginning position. Never just let the kicking leg fall. In a fight, however, you can always improvise.


  • At the beginning, you should practice the muay thai front kick in front of a mirror. Later you can practice on a heavy bag or with a training partner.
  • Impact with your leg 80 to 90 % extended.
  • For the muay thai front kick with the front leg, do half a step with the back leg, kick, and then plant the front leg in front.
  • When you train the front kick with a sparring partner, practice getting hit with swings and roundhouse kicks while kicking.