One-Legged Single Jump

Description: One-Legged Single Jump

  • Stand on one leg and bend the other one. Swing the rope forward down, keep your upper body upright and your core area tight. The knee of the jumping leg should remain pretty straight. Keep your hands close to your thighs and look straight forward.
  • Jump over the rope and keep the empty leg as still as possible. You don't have to jump very high. Jump from the ball of the foot - With the strength of the calf muscle. (not with the strength of the quadriceps) Fully extend the jumping leg. Don't lift the knee when you jump over the rope.
  • Keep swinging the rope and land on the ball of the foot. Bounce off immediately, (without bending the knee) and jump over the rope again. The heel never touches the floor. Keep the jumping leg in a vertical line with your spine.

Trainer advice: One-Legged Single Jump

  • Stretch and relax your feet and your calf muscles between sets and exercises.
  • Stop if your knee, your ankle, your hip or the sole of your foot hurts.
  • Don't forget to warm up your joints - Jump in a warm environment.
  • Try to keep the jumping leg in a vertical line with your spine and look straight forward.
  • Jump with shoes on an even surface.
  • Do 3 sets of 20 repetitions per leg.
    Once or twice a week you can try how many one-legged jumps you can do.
    Over 50 jumps: OK
    Over 150 jumps: Good
    Over 200 jumps: Very Good

Videos: One-Legged Single Jump

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